Given recent updates from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the State of
Pennsylvania, and the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church
recommending that capacity and masking orders be lifted for all residents of
Pennsylvania both indoors and outdoors (except for health care settings and public
transportation), Quakertown United Methodist Church’s COVID protocol has been
revised and approved by Church Council to reflect these changes.


  • Our church will return to 100% capacity in the sanctuary and in all rooms in the
    church building.
  • Fully vaccinated persons will no longer be required to wear masks indoors or
    outdoors. We encourage unvaccinated persons, however, to mask and maintain
    social distancing per CDC guidelines. Parents are encouraged to make a
    decision for their child(ren) as they engage in ministry.
  • All persons in the sanctuary, whether masked or unmasked, may now sing and
    responsively pray and recite aloud.
  • All hymnals and bibles will be returned to the pews unbanded.
  • Social distancing will not be required for fully vaccinated persons.
  • Service offerings will continue to be collected in baskets at the back of the
    sanctuary until we have enough ushers to begin collecting by passing the offering
  • Communion will be offered the first Sunday of each month. We will continue to
    use the pre-packaged packets until we have a communion team to prepare the
    traditional juice and bread cubes and communion plates, and have ushers to
    distribute them.
  • Fully vaccinated persons may remain unmasked in the kitchen. We encourage
    unvaccinated persons to wear a mask and social distance while in the kitchen.
    Those who would like to volunteer to work in the kitchen should be aware that
    those people who are in the kitchen may not all be vaccinated.
  • Outside groups will now be allowed to use our facility. Each group must
    complete the Use of Building form for approval by Trustees as coordinated by the
    Church Office. We encourage those who are unvaccinated to wear masks and
    social distance.
  • Masks and hand sanitizer will now be offered at the Welcome Table.
    Note: The table in front of the narthex doors will be removed.

As we are all struggling to cope with the effects of the Coronavirus there are many
in our community who have lost their jobs and have no income for everyday expenses, rent,
mortgages and bills. There are three local organizations that reach out and help in this area.
If you are able to donate to assist our neighbors you can visit the websites below and just click 
on the "Donate Now" button.
     1. Quakertown Cares:
     2. Quakertown Community Outreach:
     3. Bucks County Opportunity Council:
Thank you for your support !

Faithbuilders Sunday School Class is Back!

Join Gail Schadler in Room 109 on Rally Day, September 12, 2021 for the start of a new adult elective study: Matthew 5-7, The Sermon on the Mount, "the greatest sermon ever given by the greatest man who ever lived!" From the Beatitudes to the Lord's Prayer, to the Golden Rule, we will take an in-depth look at the doctrines and principles of righteousness that Jesus taught would lead believers to happiness and eventual perfection and eternal life . This is the longest explanation He gives of what it looks like to live as His follower and to serve as a member of God's Kingdom. So don't miss it!