Sunday School



Children's and Adult Sunday Schools Return In-Person on Rally Day, September 12, 2021!
Children's Sunday School:
2-Years-Old to Kindergarten will meet in Room 107/108.  They will use the Heart Shaper resource to begin their jouney of faith.  This will help them build a relationship with God utilizing fun, multi-sensory learning through Bible stories, activities, and songs.
Grades 1 to 5 will meet in Room 106.  First through fifth graders will use the Celebrate Wonder curriculum by Cokesbury Kids, giving children the tools to explore their faith while incorporating it into their daily lives.  This curriculum uses carefully selected Bible stories, songs, videos, and hands-on activities.
Middle and High School:  Sixth through twelfth graders will meet in Room 105 and will use The Gospel Project, a weekly Bible study that helps teens dive deep into the big story of the Bible--God's plan to rescue His people through His son, Jesus Christ.  This program encourages students to ask tough questions and expect real answers.  Dialogue each week between the students is rich and meaningful.  Students come out of the class with thought-provoking questions to ask their families at home.  
Adult Sunday School:
Women's Class:  Led by Laura Lillie in Room 114, this class follows the Cokesbury Adult Bible Study series.  Each quarter (fall, winter, spring, summer) contains 13 lessons exploring Biblical messages and how to apply them to daily life by focusing on personal, family, church, and community concerns.  This fall the class will look into ways to repsond to God's gracious salvation.  From September 5th through November 28th, with the theme of "Belong,"  class members will explore the spiritual practices of hospitality, community, and open-table fellowship.  Beginning on December 5th, the class will discuss waiting, wondering, and show-and-tell under the theme of "Engage."
Men's Class:  Under the direction of Ken McKinley in Room 112, this class will delve into "Our Daily Bread" devotionals and related scripture and Bible study.  Through this study men will grow in their relationship with God and with each other, while discussing ways to apply scripture to daily life.  Beginning on Rally Day, the class will be open to suggestions from class members on future studies.
Faithbuilders:  Join Gail Schadler in Room 109, for the start of a new adult elective study, The Sermon on  the Mount, "the greatest sermon ever given by the greatest man who ever lived!"  From the Beatitudes to the Lord's Prayer, to the Golden Rule, we will take an in depth look at Matthew 5-7 to discuss the doctrines and principles of righteousness that Jesus taught would lead believers to happiness and eventual perfection and eternal life.  This is the longest explanation Jesus gives of what it looks like to live as His follower and to serve as a member of God's Kingdom.  So don't miss it!
Small Group Studies:
Bread for the Journey:  This small group meets Tuesdays at 1 pm in the Library of the church.  Together the members pray, explore scripture, and read and discuss books as they journey together to grow in their relationship with God.  This supportive, and sometimes challenging group, is open to women seeking to grow in Christ.  For more information, contact Gale Hewitt. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 267-218-2479)
Friday Online Bible Study:  Join Janet Finch and Gail Schadler as their online small group study returns from summer break on September 17, 2021.  Gail will lead the first study, The Life of Moses, to take an in depth look at the man who was called by God to be the agent in delivering the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt.  As mediator of the Covenant, Moses founded the nation of Israel and laid down the spiritual foundation of Judaism, from which arose Christianity.  Janet will follow this study with a look at The Trinity, and end 2021 with the Advent Study, The Marys of the New Testament. To be added to the email list for this study, or to learn more about how to join the Zoom discussions, please contact Gail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Janet (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).