Theology Of Christian Education

Discipleship is a lifelong commitment to learning, believing, growing, and serving. It is a never-ending process that is enabled in Christian community as followers of Jesus continue to study, worship, fellowship, and serve together.

At Quakertown United Methodist Church, we emphasize the following values:

Loving God and others. As a church, we will provide opportunities for people to grow in their love for God and to grow in their love for others. Growth in both areas is essential to discipleship.

Variety. People have different needs relating to the development of their faith. As a church, we will provide a multi-faceted approach to discipleship. Spiritual growth includes all ages, various stages of faith, and diverse topics/times/places.

Real-life application. We value discipleship that relates to our everyday lives, creates space for honest and healthy discussion, and equips us to share God's love.

Personal responsibility. Each individual is responsible for his/her own faith development. Growing in one's faith requires desire and commitment on the part of the individual.