Sunday School


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Sunday School for Children and Teens 

Our toddlers and children through 5th grade will be taught through the David C. Cook Bible-In-Life curriculum series resource. This series is Bible based, teaching scripture knowledge with God-honoring biblical values. Lessons provide a connection to everyday life. This curriculum is based on a 3 year cycle.

Middle School students will be instructed with the Season 4 curriculum, which has 25 lessons grouped into 8 sessions. The curriculum goals include (1) increasing biblical literacy, (2) highlighting the universal and relevant themes in the Bible stories, and (3) inivitng personal sharing to strengthen community.  Each lesson includes scripture, activity, and a short movie clip. 

High School students will be learning to recognize God's presence in their lives as they explore prayer, the biblical stories of our faith, modern parables in DVD formats, and dynamic discussions of faith in today's often volatile world. This won't just be a program of talk, but a challenge to act. Our teens will experience faith coming alive to help them make a successful transition into owning their faith.

The Children and Youth Sunday School Offering will be given in mission to support students in the Quakertown School District Reduced Lunch Program.


Classes for Children and Youth

2 Year Olds
Toddler Nursery
Preschool (3, 4, & 5's)
Room 107
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
Room 106
3rd - 5th  Grade
Room 110
Middle School (6th to 8th grade)
Room 103
Senior High (9th to 12th grade)
Room 105



Classes for Adults


 Women's Class: Join Laura Lillie, Mary Schwer and the ladies in Room 114 for their Cokesbury Adult Bible Study lessons. Each quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer) contains 13 lessons which present stimulating sessions that explore the biblical message and how to apply it to daily life by focusing on personal, family, church, and community concerns. Beginning December 10th, the winter sessions will explore the twofold nature of faith as belief and action.  They contain lessons titled "The Early Church Proclaims Faith in Christ," "A Living Faith in God," and "Self-Controlled, Upright, and Godly Faith."  This will be followed in the Spring of 2018 with lessons that focus on ways God;s people have acknowledged the greatness of their God.  The quarter begins with guidance for following God.  Then, with Easter, the quarter turns to ways Jesus provided a channel for giving God glory and honor.  The quarter concludes with a look at times when the Hebrew people sang praises to God.

 Men's Class: Join the Men's Adult Sunday School Class in Room 112 as they follow "Our Daily Bread," daily devotionals with related scripture passages and Bible study. Men will grow in their relationship with Jesus through this personal and small group study and discussion and they will learn how to apply scripture to their daily lives.

 FaithBuilders: Join Gail Schadler in Room 109 for elective studies throughout the year for all interested adults.  Beginning January 7th Gail will lead a class on "The Other Twelve,"  the partners of the Apostle Paul who are almost as well known as the Twelve Apostles of Jesus.  They helped spread the Gospel throughout the Roman Empire as contemporaries of the Twelve and the Apostle Paul.  How well do you know them?  This class will run until the beginning of April and will include clips from the movie dramatization of the Book of Acts.

On Rally Day, 2018, join Gail as she begins the class "The Apocrypha:  Witness in the Period Between the Testaments."  Find out what's in the Apocrypha, why we should read it, and the contribution these Jewish writings have had to the formulation of central Christian doctrines, to the perseverance of our forebears in the faith who endured torture and death, and to the ethical formation of the people of God.

 Sunday Morning Life Group: This small group meets during the Sunday School hour in the Parlor with a focus on family and Bible study. It is open to any that wish to join the discussion.