Sunday School



Quakertown United Methodist Church Sunday School is currently comprised of nine classes, with class members ranging in age from two year olds to adults.  Each class follows a curriculum and is rooted in the teachings of the Bible.  We will be engaging in three stewardship projects over the 2019-2020 school year in an effort to reach out to our community.  These cross-generational projects help to strengthen the bond between our youth and adults within our church.

The focus over the next two years is a journey through the Holy Land, in preparation for a church trip to the Holy Land in the Spring of 2021.  The younger students will be learning the geography of Jesus's journey over the course of his lifetime.  And our older students will be learning about the Holy Land in the areas of geography, history, politics, economics, medicine and science, as well as the cultural influences of the surrounding lands such as Egypt, Greece and Rome.


Classes for Children and Youth

2 Year Olds
Toddler Nursery
Preschool (3, 4, & 5's)
Room 107
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
Room 106
3rd - 5th  Grade
Room 110
Middle School (6th to 8th grade)
Room 103
Senior High (9th to 12th grade)
Room 105




Classes for Adults

Women's Class:  Join Laura Lillie and the ladies in Room 114 for their Cokesbury Adult Bible Study lessons.  Each quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer) contains 13 lessons which present stimulating sessions that explore the biblical message and how to apply it to daily life by focusing on personal, family, church and community concerns.  This fall, the lessons focus on God, the Creator, on what it means to be created in God's image, and on what it means to worship God alone, leading class members deeper into the spiritual practice of worship. The winter 2019-2020 lessons support the theme of "Promise." The first five lessons center on one of the things the promise gives us,: hope, the expectation that, regardless of what is happening in the present, God has a good future for us. The next four lessons focus on covenants and the promises they include. The last four lessons call us to live into the promise God gives us to be holy people.
Men's Class:  Join the men in Room 112 as they follow daily devotionals with related scripture passages and Bible study, such as "Our Daily Bread".  This personal and small group study and discussion help the men grow in their relationship with Jesus  and learn how to apply scripture to their daily lives.

Beginning in September, 2019, and running through the end of May, 2020, Join Pastor Lori in Room 109 for "A Trip Through the Holy Land," an archeological, historical, geographical, and cultural look at the land of the Bible. This Sunday School year, Pastor Lori will focus on the Hebrew (Old Testament) Scriptures, using videos, resource books, lecture, guest speakers, demonstrations, and discussion. She will begin with a presentation on the Bronze Age. From there, she will move on to the origin of Scripture, moving from Creation to Noah to the Patriarchs. In November she will look at maps and metaphors and the Exodus. As Advent begins in December, the class will look at the Holy Land in the time of Joshua and the Judges and at Jewish festivals and customs in biblical times. The winter classes will look at Jewish laws and customs, the Holy Land in the time of the Monarchy, and the Jerusalem Temple. The Spring lessons include Jewish Food, Music,and Dancing demonstrations, a guest speaker on Jewish Orthodoxy, and a study on The Dead Sea and The Sea of Galilee.