How Can I Matter

October 2, 2016

Mark 6:1-6

Many times in life we may ask ourselves if we make a difference, if we matter. When we experience a defeat, or hear someone say something that discourages us, we may begin to feel we are failures in this life. Jesus experienced rejection at times, too. Yet he found a way to move forward.

Be a Star

September 25th, 2016

Matthew 20:1-15

Some stars in the sky actually died out thousands of years ago, yet they continue to shine their light here on earth. What are we giving that will shine on long after we’re gone?

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Are You Here

September 18th, 2016

Luke 12:13-21

More often than not, we are either mentally in the past or the future. We allow our minds to re-live moments of regret or concern over and over again, or we worry over what may happen. Jesus instructs his disciples to be here now.