When You Can’t Fix It

November 6, 2016

Matthew 14:1-13

Jesus grieved the death of John the Baptist. Imagine his pain knowing how many people he had healed, dead he had brought back, yet not his friend. Sometimes we can’t fix things in life and we have to learn how to carry those things in our hearts for life.

Change Your Tomorrow

October 23, 2016

Mark 10:13-16

Your today was determined in part by the actions you chose to do yesterday. The harmful patterns we fall into can be broken if we recognize them and make a break from them. Jesus was a pattern-breaker. What tomorrow will be is determined by what we do today.

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How to Avoid Regrets

October 16, 2016

Matthew 6:25-34

Fear can become an obstacle to our moving forward. Regrets come from things we chose not to do more than the things we chose to do. How can we know which choice to make at the time choices present themselves?