Joyful, All Ye Nations Rise

December 11, 2016

Advent III - JOY

Matthew 11:2-11

John the Baptist begins to have doubts, and he sends messengers to question Jesus. Jesus sends them back as witnesses to what they see and hear. A call to rise up and proclaim our own eyewitness accounts of God’s blessings.

A Thrill of Hope

November 27, 2016

Advent I - HOPE

Matthew 24:36-44

Jesus relates a message of his return that will usher in a new age. God’s Kingdom will spread like a thief in the night, or a healing medicine to cure the evil in the hearts of humankind.

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We Won't Be Shaken

November 20, 2016

Christ the King

Luke 23:33-43

God’s message to the people is to be calm, to have faith, to not be shaken when the earth shakes, and wars rattle about the countryside and in the cities. Christ is King and is taking charge.