Signs: Make Time

August 27, 2017

Luke 14:15-24

On a tent at a park was this sign. It was the same lesson drilled into me by my martial arts teacher: You don’t find time, you make it. Jesus gave this same lesson to his disciples by his words and deeds. It’s vital we learn this lesson.

Signs: Make History! Don't Be History!

August 13, 2017

Matthew 5:1-12

This bumper sticker on a public garbage can in Chicago brought to mind the calling of the disciples by Jesus. In essence, he was calling them to walk out of their ordinary lives and change the world. Jesus still calls people to this great mission.

Signs: Whoops! Wrong Way!

August 6, 2017

Matthew 3:7-10

This sign in a hotel out in Chicago reminded me of the grace of God that allows us to stop and make U-turns in our journey. In fact, God expects us to need these U-turns as we learn and grow in faith and grace.

Signs: Authorized Agent

July 30, 2017

John 6:26-27

This was on a door in the city of Chicago at an insurance agency. The Common English Bible uses the words “Authorized Agent” in describing Jesus’ mission and Paul picks up on that as our calling as well.