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From the Pastor’s Palette

lori wagner bwThe Wallaby is an interesting animal. When a Wallaby births its young, the newborn must crawl out from the womb on its own and into the pocket of its mother, where it will finish its final development phase and growth. The young Wallaby must take a first step, and then it is assisted into life.

Our ancestors did something similar at the parting of the Red Sea.

Scripture tells us that when Moses, at the Lord’s bidding, led the people of God to the shores of the Red Sea, it was becoming nightfall, pitch dark. Suddenly, the cloud that was in front of them moved to the rear of them, and a light shone forth from the rear toward the edge of the sea, illuminating their way.

The Lord told Moses to have the people step forward into the sea, and the Lord would make a way. And so, they did. Lo and behold, as they took their first steps, the walls of the sea rose, and they proceeded on dry ground.

Our Exodus story tells us that when we step forward in faith, then the Lord will make a way. You first walk forward in trust and in faith, and then you find that God has provided a path for you to take.

Often in life, we want to be sure of the outcome before we venture forth into new territory or bound for new missions and places. We want to know our destination before we set out in our boat.

But God instead asks us first to step forward. When we do, we will be amazed at the places that God may lead us.

Following Jesus is a grand adventure. And all we need to do is follow the Light. The Lord will take care of the rest.

We don’t need to worry about our destination, whether we will succeed or fail, how long it will take us, or how we will measure our results. We can leave the details up to Him. The more we are willing to follow, the more miracles we will be prepared to see and experience in our lives and in our world.

How has God blessed your life at times when you were willing to close your eyes and follow?

Are you willing today to let go of your expectations, your strategies, and your plans, and let the Holy Spirit make a new way?

Lord, make our journeys rich. Help our hearts to trust. Propel our feet to follow. Amen.

Facing a life issue and having trouble moving forward?  The pastor is always available.

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