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Monday, March 05, 2018
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lori wagner bw

The Discipleship Dare

The season of Advent is almost upon us. And with it will come deadlines, shopping lists, Christmas decorations to hang, chores to be done, baking, cleaning, prepping, and visiting. But between the parties and laughter of many, others may be falling through the cracks –those who are alone without family, who’ve been separated or divorced, those widowed or who are dying, those mourning or unemployed or on a budget too tight to spare.

This holiday season, the best gift we can give someone is our time and our friendship. Each day stop for a moment and consider someone you may not have noticed before. Pause and buy someone a coffee. Pay for the person before you in line. Give someone the closest parking space. Hold the door open for that huge double stroller. Visit the lonely and forgotten, whether you know them or not, in nursing homes or in shelters, prisons or parks. Stop to pet a dog. Talk to the people who pass you on the sidewalk, who sit beside you on the bus, or who are next to you in the grocery store. Smile. Sometimes, a little smile can go a long way.

And if you dare –give someone the greatest gift imaginable. Invite them with you to church. Offer them an opportunity to discover a relationship with Jesus. Extend to them a kind and loving invitation to share in an event or a worship service, a Bible study or your own small group. It may be the greatest gift you will give someone this year.

Pastor Lori Wagner